Direct download

FileTram allows you to search for files at various filesharing sites and download them directly without waiting. Just find any file you need and press "Direct Download". Your file will start downloading immediately. You may search audio, video, music, and many more types of files at more than 60 filesharing sites like rapidshare, mediafire, 4shared, etc. You may also filter your results with such options like: size of file and relevance.

Supported services for Direct Download without waiting: 4shared.com, zippyshare.com, netload.in, rapidshare.com, 2shared.com, mediafire.com, uploading.com, turbobit.net, filepost.com, bitshare.com. The list of filesharing sites and direct download limits may vary.

Custom search

FileTram allow to search and download various types of files from various filesharing sites. You may search for images, audio, video, books, archives, etc. The first thing you should do while searching via FileTram is to choose the type of file you would like to find. Currently there are 4 main categories of files to search for: video, audio, images and books. You may filter your first results by sorting for relevance or specify file size.

Preferred listing order

With FileTram you can choose one of the two types of listing for your search results. These are “Relevance” (the most accurate results will be displayed first) and “Size” (your files will be listed in decreasing size order):

Search by file size

You can also filter search results by file size. It can be convenient if you have some Internet limitations. There are 4 options available: less than 10 MB, 10 MB to 100 MB, 100 MB to 1 GB and Bigger than 1 GB.

Hot searches

This one gives you a Top 200 of most popular searches at FileTram during the last 24 hours. Browse the list and pick something for yourself. Find out most popular file searches performed by other people on the web.

Hot files

“Hot Files” tab will generate you 200 hottest files on the Internet for the last day. Take a look what people download, maybe you’ll find something interesting! If you are looking for most downloaded file, this feature will help you.


There are three options in “Trends” menu, which include “Daily Search Trends”, “Monthly Search Trends” and “Annual Search Trends”. The first one lists trends for each day (even the current one!), the second one generates a list of the most popular search and download trends based on monthly statistics and the last one gives a comprehensive search trends result for the whole year! File download trends statistics let you know how files popularity changed at time.

Search plugin

What is the most convenient and fast way to find files? To search them with your integrated browser search, of course! Forget about Google, Bing or any other search engine as long as you can use FileTram’s super search plugin for your browser! You may find any files you need in a matter of click and download it without waiting.


FileTrams presents its own instant uploader for your files. Upload your file in a matter of few seconds and share it with your friends and colleagues right away!

Add source

Have a good web site with tons of great files? Suggest it to FileTram and our powerful engine will index them as soon as possible! Share your files with whole world with "Add source" feature.

Keywords suggestion

Type a few words or even letters in FileTram's search bar and you will be provided with a number of suggestions that might assist you in your search!

File sharing services list

The other thing you should consider while searching via FileTram is the file sharing services you want to scan. You can choose a specific one or all of them (60+) at once!
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